The Heritage Film Catalogs Union’s 5th Anniversary

Celebrating a Milestone: The Heritage Film Catalogs Union’s 5th Anniversary!

Born from a passion for safeguarding and championing the French and European cinematic heritage, the Union of Heritage Film Catalogues (SCFP) has reached a remarkable milestone. Over five years, the union has preserved an impressive 2,000 works, underscoring its commitment to the art of cinema.

Last Thursday, March 28, marked a historic moment as the union organized its inaugural event dedicated to the promotion of heritage films. The 1st Cinema Heritage Meeting was a convergence of industry experts and enthusiasts, coming together to discuss and appreciate the strategic significance of film preservation.

Highlighting the event was Benjamin Alimi, Director of our Classics division. Benjamin was one of the speakers of a round table about the role of Artificial Intelligence in our industry.
The day culminated with a screening of “Échappement libre” by Jean Becker, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, with its 4K image restoration masterfully executed by TransPerfect Media for Les Films du Jeudi. This screening was a showcase of our technological prowess and a celebration of cinema’s enduring impact.

It was a day filled with inspiration and a shared love for the movies. We’re proud to be part of this journey, preserving the legacy of cinema for future generations.