As a trusted partner, Hiventy guarantees the international distribution of audiovisual content, films and video games.

As a trusted partner, Hiventy guarantees the international distribution of audiovisual content, films and video games by handling all localization needs (dubbing and subtitling) in all target languages, as well as versions for audiences with disabilities (audio descriptions and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing). The company supports the broadcasting of works to all audiences and assists its customers in their international development.

In 2020, Hiventy created dubbing for 245,000 minutes of programs (in 25 target languages) and provided 1.5 million minutes of subtitles (in 45 target languages). As a founding member of the Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA), Hiventy wishes to reaffirm the importance of providing quality localization services and conveying all of the nuance in content creators’ works to all audiences.

The company relies on qualified linguistic, artistic and technical resources to provide high-quality services. Hiventy also has its own dubbing studios in France, Poland, Vietnam, Kenya and Nigeria and a network of partner dubbing studios in many countries around the world, allowing it to meet the increasing demand for multilingual localization for digital platforms.

Hiventy uses innovative tools to track its work, allowing it to handle large volumes and ensure the quality and on-time delivery of dubbing and subtitling projects, all in a secure environment to counter piracy.

Hiventy supports all dubbing requests (voice-over, lektoring, synchronous dubbing), to all languages, for all types of programs (feature films, TV series, documentaries, animation) and for all types of broadcasting (cinema, television, video or digital platforms).

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Subtitling is a longstanding activity at Hiventy, whose mission since its creation in 1984 has been to subtitle films to provide to television channels. In the past 35 years, Hiventy has become a major global subtitling provider, subtitling 1.5 million minutes of programs in 45 target languages in 2020.

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Every broadcaster has specific technical standards to ensure its programs can be broadcast on all devices. To deliver items to a broadcaster, Hiventy ensures that the artistic and linguistic quality meet the broadcaster’s standards and that the technical quality meets the broadcaster’s technical specifications.

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Hiventy places particular emphasis on the creation of versions intended for audiences with disabilities, by providing Audio descriptions for blind or visually impaired audiences and deaf and hard of hearing subtitles.

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With the arrival of “global” digital platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, a new need has arisen to simultaneously produce dubbing and subtitling of the same program with the aim of multinational broadcasting.

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In addition to the creation of subtitled or dubbed versions for audiovisual media, Hiventy also provides all of the necessary translations for marketing and distributing audiovisual content.

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