As a trusted partner, Hiventy guarantees performance for the production of audiovisual content and films.

As a trusted partner, Hiventy guarantees performance for the production of audiovisual content and films. The company provides a full range of audiovisual services, from managing digital or film rushes to delivering finalized programs to broadcasters. Hiventy supports all types of content, whether feature films, fictional series, documentaries, animation, advertisements, videos or institutional programs. It provides services for all types of uses, whether cinema, television, digital platforms or the web.

The company provides its customers with secure sites and state-of-the-art equipment. The Boulogne-Billancourt site has renowned calibration rooms, a projection room and sound effect, recording and mixing studios. The historic Joinville site is home to a photochemical laboratory where cutting-edge expertise lives on. Finally, the Bastille site centralizes all audiovisual post-production activities.

With its premium positioning, Hiventy supports the most demanding and complex productions thanks to its expertise and cutting-edge tools, including full 4K, UHD and HDR post-production systems and Atmos studios for home and cinema.

Finally, the company’s mission is to support production in all configurations and provide solutions for every project, no matter what the conditions, whether on-site or remote.

Hiventy handles all stages of image post-production, from rush reception and securing to delivering the final product to broadcasters. The company supports the secure management of all types of film and digital rushes, along with testing and pre-calibration.

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Hiventy can handle all stages of sound post-production, from recording to final mix delivery, for all types of broadcasting. The company’s sound engineers have access to its two renowned sound studios with world-class sound quality and volume.

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Hiventy accompanies productions until their delivery to final broadcasters (deliveries). The company can provide all of the physical and digital media necessary to fulfill the legal obligations in co-production, sales or distribution contract technical specifications.

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For more than 30 years, the company has stored the physical and digital elements that accompany the life of content. Today, Hiventy’s storage service guarantees the long-term preservation of content assets. Digital masters are stored using a digital asset storage service in strict compliance with the standards issued by CST recommendation RT-043.

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