Founded in 1995, Hiventy Poland has a studio in Warsaw, Poland and responds to localization requests for all types of programs and broadcasting.

Hiventy Poland relies on its qualified linguistic, artistic and technical resources as well as Hiventy’s innovative tools to manage and produce large volumes of subtitling in all languages ​​and dubbing in Polish.

Services: subtitling, subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH/CC), synchronous dubbing, lektoring, voice over, video games, audio description, conformance, QC and delivery.

Hiventy Poland offers its customers:

A team of multilingual project managers (Polish, English, Russian and French)
A team of audio and video technical engineers
A team of sound mixers
A team of linguists (Polish, English)
10 subtitling, spotting and QC stations
10 dubbing studios for Polish and a network of partner studios for other languages
10 2.0/5.1 and Atmos mixing studios
1 quality control studio
1 media processing studio
An ultra-secure environment for work, file management and storage
A network of adult and child actors and singers, art directors, adapters, sound engineers and mixers
A network of over 300 Polish-speaking translators and proofreaders, as well as a company-wide network of over 3,000 translators.

9 Cybernetyki Str.IRIS building02-677,
Warsaw, Poland
+48 22 646 00 15