Content distribution

As a trusted partner, Hiventy distributes audiovisual content and films on all existing broadcast media to guarantee content accessibility to the widest possible audience.

With this objective in mind, Hiventy secures and guarantees access and enhances, manages and distributes the physical and digital elements of works for all types of broadcast throughout the world.

Hiventy has developed an innovative Media Asset Management solution linked to a web platform that it makes available to its customers. This tool makes it possible to facilitate content promotion and sales, to manage the assets linked to content and to handle large volumes of deliveries to broadcasters.

All of its services are provided with the highest level of security, as evidenced by Hiventy’s TPN (Trusted Partner Network) certification and all of the procedures it has put in place to fight audiovisual content piracy.

Hiventy manages and delivers all types of content: films, fictional series, documentaries, animation and all types of institutional programs.

These deliveries include all types of audiovisual broadcasting, whether for cinema, video, television, digital platforms or web use.

Hiventy provides these services to customers all over the world, delivering assets every day to movie theaters and television channels worldwide and national, regional and global digital platforms, including the most demanding (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google).

All services are provided in accordance with broadcasters’ time, quality and technical specifications thanks to our extensive knowledge of broadcast standards and our technicians’ expertise.

Franck Goujon
Business Unit Manager
+33 (0)6 23 84 88 98