Our skills are recognized thanks to the various certifications issued by market players.

Netflix Post Partner Program (NP3)

Netflix created the NP3 program in 2018 to identify and select companies providing high quality, secure Master QC and dubbing services for Netflix original content.

Hiventy France is part of the NP3 program for Master QC and dubbing services. Hiventy Poland, Hiventy Asia and Hiventy Africa have been selected to provide dubbing services.


Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner (NPFP)

Netflix created the NPFP program in 2018 to identify and select companies providing high quality, secure post-production, conformance, subtitling and dubbing services in multiple languages.

Hiventy EMEA (comprised of Hiventy France, Hiventy Poland and Hiventy Africa) and Hiventy Asia have been selected for the program.


Amazon Prime Video

Hiventy is one of the only twelve exclusive Prime Preferred Fulfillment Vendors (PFV) worldwide for upgrading and delivering audiovisual content in the UK, Japan, Germany and US (Amazon Classics) and the rest of the world (Amazon Global), delivering programs of all genres and technical program formats across all Amazon Prime Video offerings. Hiventy’s team can handle large volumes and work with all resolutions and types of content (SD, HD, UHD, SDR, HDR), as well as provide post-production services.

Copyright holders, producers and distributors of audiovisual programs who wish to publish their work on these two platforms are guaranteed compliance with technical and editorial requirements.

Apple Preferred Encoding House

As a Preferred Plus Encoding House, Hiventy France has the necessary expertise to prepare and deliver audiovisual content for the Apple TV+ and iTunes platforms.

Dolby Atmos

Hiventy has all of the expertise and equipment needed to support encoding, mixing and testing Dolby Atmos audio for home or cinema, which is increasingly used in film and the newest physical media such as Blu-ray discs (HD or UHD). The Atmos audio format enhances the immersive experience of a film thanks to its surround sound technology.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Hiventy uses complete HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology to support HDR10 or Dolby Vision calibration, transcoding, testing, projection and Blu-ray encoding services.

HDR technology makes it possible to display an image with more brightness and contrast than ever before.


At Hiventy, all workflows, tools and servers are adapted to 4K resolution: scanning (also above 4K), real-time image processing for 4K video, and calibration on Sony BVM-X300 4K monitors and Christie 4K projectors. The group produces 4K DCPs and 4K UHD ProRes, in both SDR and HDR.


Hiventy masters all IMF workflows, from manufacturing an IMF out of post-production or digital restoration to packaging with additional versions and testing. Hiventy can handle all requests related to this new file exchange format, which is being adopted by the largest production studios and international sellers.


Hiventy is authorized by the prefecture to process cellulose nitrate chemicals according to the strictest safety standards. Each room where such chemicals are processed has fire retardant wall coverings, explosion-proof lighting and two exit doors. Hiventy’s team has extensive knowledge of the medium and its characteristics and history (black-and-white, toning, tinting), allowing it to check, restore, clean, print and scan nitrate film under optimal conditions.

Trusted Partner Network

Hiventy’s head office in Boulogne-Billancourt, France has obtained Trusted Partner Network certification.

Resulting from the merger of MPA (Motion Picture Association) and CDSA (Content Delivery & Security Association) certifications, the TPN is a new global initiative for the protection of films and audiovisual content.

The objective of this certification is to help audiovisual companies anticipate security breaches and the risk of audiovisual content being leaked before its release. The aim of the TPN is to raise awareness of content security issues among companies and their employees.



Hiventy was awarded a silver medal in 2021 as part of Ecovadis’s assessment of its CSR policy.

EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 75,000 rated companies.

Global Compact des Nations Unies

Since its creation 35 years ago, Hiventy has made respect for ethics and human values a priority and decided to formalize its commitment in a corporate social responsibility policy.

Hiventy’s commitment is part of its approach to ensuring transparency, fairness and respect for all stakeholders, whether customers, employees, shareholders, partners or suppliers.

Since 2018, Hiventy has been committed to sustainable development and to making the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact a priority in its strategy, particularly in the following areas:

  • limiting the impact of its activities on the environment
  • offering the best working and career development conditions to all employees.

By communicating annually on its progress to Global Compact France, Hiventy reaffirms its commitment to respecting the Ten Principles of the Global Compact.


Entertainment Globalization Association

Hiventy is one of the 10 founding members of the EGA (Entertainment Globalization Association), the world’s leading association of professionals in the globalization of audiovisual programs. Audiovisual globalization brings together dubbing, subtitling and audio description activities that make a program accessible to audiences in languages other than that of the original version.

The EGA Association was created to forge close ties with creators of audiovisual content and thus facilitate the adaptation of their stories to a global audience, in a context of strong growth in the number of programs and their international broadcasts. Chris Fetner has been appointed to lead the association, after spending several years at Netflix