Who are we?

Hiventy is a leading provider of technical audiovisual services in France and abroad.
It participates in every stage in the life of audiovisual works and films, from post-production to final delivery, for all types of broadcasts. Hiventy also serves as a trusted partner for content producers, distributors and broadcasters by:


Guaranteeing the completion and production of programs by handling audiovisual post-production in digital and film formats.

Guaranteeing the broadcasting of programs for large audiences by ensuring the production and delivery of all necessary media for all types of broadcasts (cinema, TV, video and digital platforms) and doing everything necessary to broadcast these programs internationally (providing dubbing and subtitling).

Guaranteeing the sustainability of content over time by providing secure physical and digital storage services and restoring works according to the latest standards..

As a trusted partner, Hiventy strives to help everyone in the audiovisual and film industry expand their catalogue distribution in order to maximize their income and success.

All of Hiventy’s services uphold technical excellence and can be provided within even the shortest production deadlines, all while ensuring the highest level of security to avoid any content piracy risks. Hiventy is also there to provide the advice necessary to address the technical challenges of a constantly evolving industry.

Hiventy’s head office is located in Boulogne-Billancourt in a facility with a long history of providing technical audiovisual services. It also operates two sites in the Paris area: one dedicated to audiovisual post-production in Bastille and a photochemical laboratory in the Joinville-le-Pont film complex. Hiventy has a facility in the Magelis hub in Angoulême and subsidiaries around the world, in Warsaw, Poland; Singapore; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria; serving as local relays to bring the company’s expertise to the widest audience possible.

In 2020, Hiventy generated sales of 38 million euros and had 300 full-time employees at all of its sites in France and abroad.

thierry“In a constantly changing world, we’re proud to provide our customers with new technologies and an increasing array of services to meet the demands of the media market, both in France and internationally. We prioritize listening to and developing close relationships with our customers to help strengthen our position as the market leader every day. We look forward to helping you develop your next project with Hiventy!”

Thierry Schindelé – CEO