Image post-production

Hiventy handles all stages of image post-production, from rush reception and securing to delivering the final product to broadcasters. The company supports the secure management of all types of film and digital rushes, along with testing and pre-calibration.

Hiventy provides its customers with 12 image editing rooms and 4 sound editing rooms to accommodate production, with each room connected to centralized and secure storage provided by the rush management team. The company provides conforming services in all formats (HD, 2K, UHD, 4K) thanks to its expert staff and high-performing workstations and network architecture.

Hiventy provides its customers with state-of-the-art calibration rooms and expert calibrators and post-production directors to meet the highest coloring standards desired by the most demanding cinematographers. The company also provides special effects and title design services.

Hiventy ensures the final quality of its work by performing all of the necessary testing in order to guarantee compliance with the most demanding distribution standards. The company also handles the production of all deliverables contained in sales contract technical specifications to ensure content can be distributed on all broadcasting media.

Finally, Hiventy ensures the sustainability of content by securely storing all physical and digital elements created at the end of post-production.

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