Subtitling is a longstanding activity at Hiventy, whose mission since its creation in 1984 has been to subtitle films to provide to television channels. In the past 35 years, Hiventy has become a major global subtitling provider, subtitling 1.5 million minutes of programs in 45 target languages in 2020.

Hiventy provides subtitling for all types of uses: cinema and festivals, video and television, and broadcasting on digital platforms.

-Hiventy is an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival and subtitles a large number of the official selections in competition every year.

-Hiventy is also a partner of many broadcasters and digital platforms, including TV5 Monde (subtitling all of its programs in nine target languages), Arte (subtitling the platform in four target languages), and Netflix (NPFP program, DTT program).

-Finally, Hiventy works with many copyright holders in France and internationally by providing them with subtitling files so they can broadcast their programs throughout the world.

Hiventy has the technical and linguistic resources to support subtitling from a wide selection of source languages ​​to a large number of target languages ​​while respecting the integrity of the original work.

Hiventy has also developed innovative tools for producing and monitoring production of its subtitling services. Its Agora web and cloud platform is made available to all linguistic resources, providing them with all the elements necessary for effective translation in a single interface (source file, dialogue detection, references, glossaries and KNP).

Agora also allows specific workflows with regular customers, facilitating ingests and deliveries, while automating a certain number of tasks with less added human value. A number of automatic verification tools also help our resources identify any linguistic or technical flaws that could compromise a delivery, significantly reducing the number of additional deliveries needed.

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