Multilingual coordination

With the arrival of “global” digital platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, a new need has arisen to simultaneously produce dubbing and subtitling of the same program with the aim of multinational broadcasting.

Hiventy has developed specific services to coordinate work in multiple languages ​​thanks to its vetted linguistic resources in all target languages, its internal and partner dubbing studios, and the expertise of its dedicated project managers.

The company guarantees complete consistency of translations between dubbing and subtitling in the same language and all languages ​​combined. This consistency is made possible by editing works before they are translated, the creation of references and glossaries and linguistic verifications intended to ensure compliance with instructions.

The Agora platform enables close monitoring of deadlines for the production of a dubbing or subtitling project in any language, ensuring that large volumes of work can be finalized within set deadlines.

The creation of these versions ends with their final delivery to broadcasters in accordance with any specified technical standards.

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