Compliance and delivery

Every broadcaster has specific technical standards to ensure its programs can be broadcast on all devices. To deliver items to a broadcaster, Hiventy ensures:
-that the artistic and linguistic quality meet the broadcaster’s standards
-that the technical quality meets the broadcaster’s technical specifications.

By delivering all types of elements (video, audio, subtitles) to all types of broadcasters (cinema, video, TV, platform) everywhere in the world on a daily basis, Hiventy has mastered artistic and technical requirements and can verify and bring existing assets up to standard.

Hiventy supports film and audiovisual content copyright holders in managing and delivering their content to all of their customers by providing the verifications, variations, synchronizations and exports necessary to meet the strict standards of each individual customer.

This activity has grown significantly in recent years with the emergence of local, regional and global platforms operating on non-exclusive licenses, making it possible to maximize income from each program.

In 2020, Hiventy provided more than 550,000 minutes of subtitling for licensed use.

Hiventy can also provide image localization by translating and providing all inserts and credits in any target language.

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