Coordination & Localisation

In an international audio-visual market, the demand for localisation is continually growing and involves an increasing number of languages. Hiventy offers its clients a complete dubbing or subtitling service in any combination of languages, also ensuring delivery of the elements to TV broadcasters or digital platforms.

Hiventy can rely on the support of all the group’s various entities, in Poland, Vietnam or Singapore, but also on external production resources, all selected for the quality of the services they provide: a pool of translators located around the globe and partner dubbing studios (54 target languages).

Hiventy promises total transparency of the chain of production and precious time saved in follow-up support, while guaranteeing quality and coherence in the artistic aspects of the adaptations carried out in every language.

Contact - FRANCE


Bertrand Chalon

+33 (0)6 25 37 13 62

Contact - ASIA

Juliette Vivier

+254 (0)758 17 60 88

Our latest achievements

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