Audiovisual catalogue promotion

Hiventy supports the ingest of all types of audiovisual content and films and catalogues from all types of physical and digital media, technical, commercial and editorial assets and metadata.
Hiventy also assists its customers in auditing their catalogues by carrying out an inventory and technical and qualitative assessment of assets. A digitization plan can be put in place for future use of physical assets.

Digital assets and metadata are then subject to certification ranging from less to more advanced, depending on whether a simple assessment and certification or full “master” verification are needed. This step is essential to ensuring that the work can be used on all distribution channels.

Hiventy also offers various secure storage options. Content can be placed online to guarantee its immediate accessibility or nearline if instant access is not required. Its storage meets the strict requirements of CST recommendation RT-043, intended to guarantee the long-term sustainability of digital assets.

The company provides its customers with a web asset management platform called BeHive. This platform gives content owners the possibility of managing stored media, creating viewing links for third parties, carrying out straight deliveries and managing access authorizations.

For more complex requests, the company provides its customers with a dedicated account manager in charge of producing and delivering content to any type of broadcaster anywhere in the world.

Deliveries include those for film (production, packaging and delivery of DCP and KDM), video (DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray UHD premastering), television (delivery of broadcast files to channels) or a digital platform (packaging with metadata management). These deliveries can be made by all available physical or digital means.

Hiventy also provides content adaptation for international use by creating dubbing, subtitling, titles and translations of metadata required by broadcasters of every nationality.

All of these services are provided in accordance with the strictest safety and security standards.

Franck Goujon
Business Unit Manager
+33 (0)6 23 84 88 98