Photochemical laboratory

The Hiventy photochemical laboratory is located in the prestigious film complex in Joinville-le-Pont. The company is proud to continue working with film at a site that a century ago housed the Pathé brothers’ factories and where many films were shot, such as Port of Shadows and Children of Paradise.

The Joinville-le-Pont site, authorized to process nitrate film, provides all services to and from film:

From film:
-Development of 16 and 35mm rushes from films, clips or advertisements
-Cleaning and priming
-Scanning in all possible digital formats and resolutions
-Pre-calibration and calibration
-Delivery of scanned rushes to FTP and LTO backup.

To film:
-Restoration of 35mm negative film (shoots) and positive prints for cinematographic use or archival purposes
-35mm film projection in a 70-seat theater for customer approvals, press screenings or previews.

Particular attention is paid to maintaining a clean facility (using blowers to avoid dust) in order to restore film images without adding any defects.


Business Unit Manager

Benjamin Alimi

+33 (0)6 35 57 94 95

Sales Manager

Laurence Vasseur

+33 (0)6 29 12 32 26


International Director

 Juliette Vivier

+254 (0)758 17 60 88