Hiventy assists audiovisual and film catalogue owners in promoting their assets by providing the necessary support for new forms of broadcasting, allowing for uses that were once impossible. This mission is all the more important given the obsolescence of certain physical media, which will soon no longer be able to be read.

The company provides:

Auditing of audiovisual and film catalogues: technical and qualitative assessment of assets
Implementation of a digitization plan
Sorting of assets and the possible destruction of non-essential assets
Digitization from any photochemical asset, whatever the volume
Digitization from all types of video assets (1 Inch, U-Matic, Beta SP, Digital Beta, HD CAM, HD CAM SR)
Qualification and sampling or full verification
Linear or more extensive restoration, as needed

These activities make it possible to render old programs accessible again, boost sales with the objective of continuing to broadcast works, and generate additional income.

Benjamin Alimi
Business Unit Manager
+33 (0)6 35 57 94 95
Laurence Vasseur
Sales Manager
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