Analog restoration

Hiventy is regularly entrusted with photochemical assets that have suffered the ravages of time and are in poor condition. The company relies on the talent and expertise of its technicians to restore even the most damaged assets.

The Joinville-le-Pont site is authorized to store and process nitrate film in accordance with very strict protocols for the storage and handling of such elements.

Hiventy provides the following services:
Mechanical repair (repairing of splices, perforations, tears, shrinkage, etc.)
Cleaning and priming
Dry-film developing and dipping of 35mm backup copies in a nitrate or safety source
Color and toning reproduction
35mm projection

Handling original negatives requires special care, especially when they are damaged, so we continuously train our technicians to handle these assets with the utmost care.

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Business Unit Manager
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Sales Manager
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