Series Mania 2024

Wrapping up an unforgettable week at the Séries Mania Festival, Lille, where stories unfolded and memories were made!

As the official partner of #SeriesMania, TransPerfect Media, in collaboration with the USPA, proudly orchestrated the vibrant “After Work Before Screening” event. On Wednesday, the air buzzed with anticipation as industry professionals and storytellers from across the globe gathered at the CCI-Palais de la Bourse, Lille, at the heartbeat of the festival.

Against the rhythmic backdrop of Sam Tiba’s electrifying DJ set, our unique cocktail gathering—infused with northern gastronomy’s best—became a hub for creative minds to unwind and connect.
The laughter and lively conversations echoing through the venue were a testament to the festival’s spirit. Our TransPerfect Media team mingled with the crowd, sharing the joy and camaraderie that only a gathering of passionate producers and audiovisual talents can ignite.

It was an evening of enchantment, setting the stage for what would follow: an exclusive sneak peek into the world’s most awaited series.

A heartfelt thank you to the USPA and all those who joined us. Let’s continue to shape the future of storytelling, one frame at a time. Until the next chapter—stay tuned for more adventures with us!