Magic and Cinema, A Journey with Georges Méliès

Raising a toast for the modern-day magicians of cinema!

Last week, our talented Project Manager, Loic Arteaga, took centre stage at the “Magic and Cinema, A Journey with Georges Méliès” event, hosted by the esteemed Cinémathèque Méliès in the heart of Paris.
This enchanting event highlighted the groundbreaking career of Georges Méliès, a true cinematic magician and the pioneer of special effects. The event featured four captivating conferences, a spirited debate and screenings of recently digitised rare films, providing bite-sized insights into the world of cinema magic.

Our very own Loic Artega had the pleasure of delivering a captivating conference on film restoration, showcasing the art of preserving cinematic masterpieces for generations to come.
Here’s to keeping the magic cinema alive and well!