MIFC Marché International du Film Classique – 10th edition | Lyon

Audrey Birrien, Juliette Vivier, Laurence Vasseur and Benjamin Alimi will be attending the MIFC, from October 19 til the 21st of October.
The teams collaborated on the restoration of the following titles which will be presented at the film market:

« Françoise ou la vie conjugale » by André Cayatte (Pathé)
« Jean-Marc ou la vie conjugale » by André Cayatte (Pathé)
« Sois belle et tais-toi » by Marc Allégret (SND)
« La Haine » by Mathieu Kassovitz (Le Pacte and Studiocanal)
« Le Passager de la pluie » by René Clément (Studiocanal)

But that’s not all ! As part of the 10th anniversary of the MIFC, Juliette Vivier will also speak to present a specific textbook case concerning Hiventy’s strategy in Africa and Asia.
She will be interviewed by Patrice Carré to discuss the question of technical industries faced with the evolution of their professions and how to conquer new commercial territories.

To remind :
Hiventy is a trusted partner in the audiovisual and film industry, helping producers, distributors, international sellers and broadcasters to reach new markets and increase their turnover and profitability.

The group operates around four main businesses: localization, preservation and restoration, asset management and deliveries to broadcasters, and image and sound post-production.

Present in Europe, Asia and Africa, Hiventy provides its clients with expertise and perfect knowledge of the market and its players to facilitate the finalization of productions, their distribution on all media, in all countries, and to preserve creations in time.

In the event that some of our services could meet your needs, we are at your disposal during the MIFC

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