Discop Kigali

Hiventy is a trusted partner of the audiovisual and film industry supporting producers, distributors and broadcasters to reach new markets, increase their turnover and profitability.

The group operates services on four core businesses: localization, preservation and restoration, asset management and deliveries to broadcasters and image & sound post-production.

With presence in Europe, Asia and Africa, Hiventy provides its customers with expertise and perfect knowledge of the market and its stakeholders to facilitate the finalization of productions, their broadcast on all media, in any country, and preserve creations over time.

Hiventy is the essential partner for sharing productions with the widest audiences.
To this end and in the event, some of our services could meet your needs, we would be happy to set up a one-to-one meeting with you during Discop.

Our contacts :
Juliette Vivier, juliette.vivier@hiventy.com, International Director
Bertrand Chalon, b.chalon@hiventy.com, EVP Strategy and Business Development
Caroline Mbindyo , caroline.mbindyo@hiventy.com, EVP Africa
Malcolm Marwa, Malcolm.marwa@hiventy.com, Technical Manager Africa