COVID-19 / Business Continuity Plan

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, all of Hiventy’s teams have worked together to protect the health of our employees, clients and partners. We wish to share with you an overview of the measures which have already been implemented and those which could be put in place to guarantee the effective continuation of our activities.

A) Immediate measures to prevent the contamination of our employees, partners and clients on site

A certain number of measures have been implemented across all sites since the arrival of the virus:

● Communication on the health recommendations to follow
● Presence of hydroalcoholic gel and/or wipes
● Limiting employee travel
● Respecting isolation regulations as recommended by the government
● Questionnaires at reception for external visitors
● Limiting the number of people per room
● Meetings via video conference

B) Action taken regarding the recent evolution of the current health and economic situation

In view of the rapid evolution of the current health situation, and as provided for in the Group’s procedures, we have also made the following decisions:

● Implementation of a crisis committee which met for the first time on Wednesday, 11 March. At this meeting, a Business Continuity Plan was established listing the necessary actions to take in order to guarantee the continuation of our activities should the health situation deteriorate.
● Referencing of all resources and tasks eligible for remote work and ensuring conditions allow for such implementation while respecting the security regulations imposed by our certifications. We guarantee that any person with the possibility of working from home has the necessary technical means in order to continue working in a comfortable environment.
Personnel who are not eligible for remote work continue to work on site ensuring that production continues.

C) Managing production undertaken by personnel ineligible for remote work should the health situation deteriorate

The crisis committee also defined conditions for undertaking work carried out by those ineligible for remote work based on the following scenarios:

● Closure of public transport
● Closure of schools
● Contamination of an employee
● Travel ban for people in the Île-de-France region

For the first three scenarios, those likely to be impacted by such measures have been identified and replacements with the same skill sets have been selected to guarantee the continuation of our activities. Additionally, a new policy has been introduced with the aim that people with identical skills cannot work in the same place at the same time (implementation of alternating teams).

All of Hiventy’s teams are happy to help any clients who wish to implement customized solutions to ensure the continuation of very specific activities which have already been identified as requiring external talent in the event that travel is not possible (dubbing actors, technicians, editors, etc.).

We also ensure that all of our key suppliers have implemented their own Business Continuity Plan.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.