Golden Globes 2019 / 9 awards for Hiventy’s movies !

Hiventy was a big winner at last night’s Golden Globes ceremony : the movies on which we worked on have won 9 trophies ! Congrats to the winners and our clients

Green Book ❘ 3 awards
Our team collaborate with Metropolitan Films on the french subtitles and the subtitles (with translator Alain Delalande) for deaf and hearing-impaired people / Release : January 23rd.

Bohemian Rhapsody ❘ 2 Awards
We have made the french subtitles (with translator Pierre Arson) for 20th Century Fox.

The Wife ❘ 1 Award
French dubbing by our team for TF1 Studio / Release : soon.

A Star is Born ❘ 1 Award
French subtitling (with translator Juliette Caron) for Warner Bros.

The Favourite ❘ 1 Award
French subtitling (with translator Isabelle Miller) for 20th Century Fox / Release : February 6th.

Vice ❘ 1 Award
French subtitling (with translator Sylvestre Meininger) for Mars Films / Release : February 13th.