Hiventy & Sylicone

On 22nd March, Hiventy took over some of the employees, clients and sites of Sylicone, a French company specialising in the sound and image post-production of audio-visual programmes. Sylicone has had a reputation for excellence and legitimacy in documentaries for over 30 years, and in fiction for the last twelve years.

Sylicone’s activities depend on a team of skilled individuals working daily to meet the challenges of post-production and consolidate Hiventy’s offer.
The group is thus complementing the services it can offer with sound and image post-production available for producers of fiction and documentaries at two new sites inside Paris.
These sites are located on the Avenue de la Grande Armée (Captain Vidéo) and at Bastille. The group plans to carry out conversion work on the two sites very soon to improve the capacity and the reception given to production companies. Sylicone’s activities will remain under the control of Rémi Darnis, who will be able to take advantage of the Hiventy group’s competences, particularly in new technology (4K/IMF/HDR), adaptation (HoH subtitling, audio description, multilingual localisation) and deliveries (to digital platforms, broadcasters or cinemas), which will mean a widening of the range of services offered to Sylicone’s clients.