In 2021, Hiventy developed a two-division organization that will allow it to grow and accelerate its development.

The France division, headed by Benoît Provost, is organized around four Business Units, each in charge of one of the group’s four core businesses, audiovisual post-production, localization, management and delivery of audiovisual content and films and restoration.

Audiovisual post-production

Under the leadership of Cédric Bruzac, in charge of all audiovisual post-production for all types of programs, whether digital or film, for all types of broadcasters. Cédric Bruzac works with Gaëlle Collet-Alicot and Laurie Dumas to market these activities.


Under the leadership of Emmanuelle Bouziguet, in charge of dubbing, subtitling and accessibility from any source language to any target language and for any type of broadcast. Emmanuelle Bouziguet works with Jean-Luc Bertin and Etienne Magain to market these activities.

Management and delivery of audiovisual content and films

Under the leadership of Franck Goujon, in charge of content certification, storage, management and delivery for all types of broadcasting. Franck Goujon works with Julien Tignat to market these activities.


Under the leadership of Benjamin Alimi, in charge of the preservation and restoration of audiovisual content and films. Benjamin Alimi works with Laurence Vasseur to market these activities.

The International division, headed by Juliette Vivier, brings together all of the group’s foreign subsidiaries.

Hiventy Asia, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Singapore
Hiventy Poland, based in Warsaw, Poland
Hiventy Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria

To support the Business Units and International division in their development and in conquering new markets, a Business Development Unit has been created. Under the leadership of Bertrand Chalon (Group Director of Development and Strategy). The Business Development Unit is in charge of:

Continued technical and market monitoring
The structuring and marketing of the company’s services
Participation in discussions on the company’s strategic development
Project management in the development of tools and workflows allowing the company to offer more types of services, increase production volumes and optimize production costs.

The company has two Executive Committees in charge of governance.

Group Executive Committee

Thierry Schindelé

Managing Director

Juliette Vivier

Director of International Operations

Benoît Provost

Director of Operations France

Bertrand Chalon

Director of Development and Strategy

Thierry Barbé

Secretary General

Eric Amorim

Financial Director

In charge of governance, strategy and development, composed of Thierry Schindelé (Managing Director), Thierry Barbé (Secretary General), Eric Amorim (Financial Director), Benoît Provost (Director of Operations France), Juliette Vivier (Director of International Operations) and Bertrand Chalon (Director of Development and Strategy).

France Executive Committee

Thierry Schindelé

Managing Director

Eric Amorim

Finance Director

Salima Mebarki

Human Resources Director

Benoît Provost

Director of Operations France

Cédric Bruzac

Post-Production Business Unit Director

Emmanuelle Bouziguet

Localization Business Unit Director

Franck Goujon

Content Distribution Business Unit Director

Benjamin Alimi

Classics Business Unit Director

In charge of operations, composed of Thierry Schindelé (Managing Director), Eric Amorim (Finance Director), Salima Mebarki (Human Resources Director), Benoît Provost (Director of Operations France), Cédric Bruzac (Post-Production Business Unit Director), Emmanuelle Bouziguet (Localization Business Unit Director), Franck Goujon (Content Distribution Business Unit Director) and Benjamin Alimi (Classics Business Unit Director).

The group is majority-owned by the investment group H.I.G., which supports its expansion into new markets and international development. Denis Auboyer, the company’s founding president, remains a minority shareholder.