Quality Control

Hiventy has the capability to verify all types of physical or dematerialised items in all available formats, be it for showing in cinemas (DCP), for the various VOD service providers (Netflix, iTunes, Google), broadcast diffusion (TV) or video.

Our equipment comprises a top-range room for verifying 4K, UHD, 2K and HD masters, with a Graymeta Iris media player, a Sony BVM-X300 monitor, a Dolby Vision-labelled Oled LG HDR TV and Dolby Atmos-labelled sound quality decoded by a THX Onkyo-certified amplifier and sound rendered by Ultra THX-certified Magnet speakers. A Tektronix 4K monitor checks that video and audio signals are valid.

Hiventy has four rooms dedicated to broadcast quality control. Two rooms are dedicated to HD verification and are equipped with Sony HD monitors and Tektronix measuring instruments, and two other rooms are suited to verifying and making HD RTB.

Hiventy also has four dedicated rooms for verifying products destined for video.  Two rooms have HD TVs with 7-1 sound quality, one has a 3D HD TV with 7-1 sound quality and one has an HD video projector with Dolby Atmos-labelled sound quality.

The Hiventy laboratory has received the Netflix Master QC label, demonstrating Hiventy’s expertise, high standards and experience in quality control of your programmes.

Hiventy also has a ColorFront Transkoder and can handle multiple sources (DPX sequences, IMF packages, ProRes files, etc.) in various formats (4K, UHD, 2K, HD) and all standards, in particular HDR Dolby Vision and HLG/BT.2020, for encoding your files.

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