Paris XII

With its site located at the heart of the Bastille neighbourhood, Sylicone joined Hiventy Group.
A spearhead of image and sound post-production for over 30 years. Our partners and broadcasters trust the know-how of our technical teams and our solutions to the multiple workflows of TV fictions, documentaries, reportages/magazines and flow TV.

From media management to image and sound editing, HD/2K/4K/UHD VISION calibration, sound-effects and post-synchro recording, 2.0/5.1 mixing, and the manufacture and delivery of RFB.

At your service, we have a dynamic and motivated team plus the technical facilities for the entire manufacturing process of your programmes.

  • DataLab
  • 18 AVID editing suit
  • 4 2.0/5.1 sound editing suites
  • 2 HD / 2K /4 K calibration suites
  • 3 DaVinci Resolve HD / 2K /4K /UHD / DOLBY VISION color grading suites
  • 4 2.0 voice and mixing recording auditoriums
  • 3 5.1 mixing auditoriums
  • 1 sound-effects and post-synchro recording auditorium
  • 1 VFX HD / 2K / 4K / UHD graphic conception suite
  • Lab
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